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The Mary Durstine McArtor Reynolds Memorial Giving Fund was established to honor and continue Mary’s lifelong pursuit of meaningful giving to others. Thus, it’s both a memorial to Mary’s beautiful life and a conduit to giving that is true to Mary’s priorities, goals, and approach.  Mary's Giving Fund is committed to the well-being of children. Mary’s Giving Fund identifies and donates to discrete charitable programs that directly engage groups of children year on year. Your donations enable us to support current programs and scale future giving. 

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Mary's Kids

August 9, 2022


children so far and counting...

The Programs have directly engaged 


Healthy Healing Harmonies
Palm Beach Children's Hospital at
St. Mary's Medical Center

In Progress, West Palm Beach, FL
Sponsored since 2021

Mary's Giving Fund has partnered with the Palm Beach Children's Hospital at St. Mary's Medical Center to create a new music-inspired therapy program - Healthy Healing Harmonies. The program uses music therapy to reduce anxiety, increase motor movement and assist with pain management. Sessions are typically one-on-one and use music as a fun way to express ideas and emotions whether it just be listening, singing, humming, ,or providing rhythm with a shaker. Published research indicates that music has a positive impact on the patient's ability to manage stress and reduce pain, ultimately resulting 


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in a less traumatic experience for both parent and child. Mary's Giving Fund contributions will cover the expenses associated with the therapist and give-away musical instruments (shakers). 

Leaders in Training
Hilton Head Island Recreation Center
February 2022, Hilton Head Island, SC
Sponsored since 2022
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Leaders in Training is a program designed by the hilton Head Island Recreation Center Preschool and Youth staff for teens 11-16. This program will help enable these teens with skills and experiences to develop a foundation of LEADERSHIP, INTEGRITY, and TOOLS they can use in their daily life, to pursue other opportunities for growth in extracurricular activities, and to also prepare them for the workforce. As well as to promote positive development socially and emotionally. By combining subject focused workshops and hands-on experience working in our

After School program, teens will come out of this program with the confidence to overcome barriers, use their voice, solve problems, and use positive communication skills. 

Period Supply Program
Junior League of the Palm Beaches with Alliance for Period Supplies
January 2022, West Palm Beach, FL
Sponsored since 2021
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The Junior League of the Palm Beaches (JLPB), in partnership with the Alliance for Period Supplies, currently provides period supplies to women in need. The JLPB and Mary's Giving Fund developed a curriculum specific to girls ages 8-12, for the Boys and Girls Club of Palm Beach County, to discuss and destigmatize the biological process of menstruation. During the program, an educational book on girls’ health, The Care and Keeping of You, will be distributed to the approximately 200 girls, along with bags of period supplies. 

Therapeutic Arts Enrichment Program
Calhoun County High School
October 2021, Battle Creek, MI
Sponsored since 2021

Mary’s Giving Fund has partnered with CCHS to offer a new Therapeutic Arts Program to around 70 at-risk students. Prior to this partnership, CCHS lacked funding for the consumable supplies needed for the program. Mary’s Giving Fund plans to cover the costs of these supplies every school year. Enrichment options will include photography, poetry, digital storytelling, painting and drawing, cooking, sewing, and musical expression with guitar, keyboarding and percussion. CCHS is an alternative high school for students with economic, learning, and other challenges. The school qualifies for Title 1 funds and free breakfast and lunch for the entire student body. There is no funding for arts education in the regular curriculum. CCHS is planning an end-of-school-year event for the community that will double as a program fundraiser, and allow students to showcase and sell some of their creations.


Apiary Program
Westover School
October 2021, Middlebury, CT
Sponsored since 2021

Westover School, an all-girls college preparatory school located in Middlebury, Connecticut, is where Mary taught French after graduating from Dartmouth College. Today, one of her former students, Heather Nuzzo, is a faculty member and the head beekeeper for the school’s apiary program. She recalls Mary’s kind, generous, and giving spirit. Now Mary’s Giving Fund will allow Westover School’s apiary to have a secure space for their hives. Students in the Bee Club can interact with and learn about the bees, their colonies, and honey and wax production, both of

which will be sold in the school store. The apiary program will involve more students each year thanks to Mary’s Giving Fund providing equipment and consumable goods required for running the apiary. Curricular connections in the school’s Biology, Languages (French and Spanish), and Environmental Sciences classes will allow this program to reach approximately 153 students at Westover.

Mary's Table: Poised for Success
El Sol, Jupiter's Neighborhood Resource Center
October 2021, Jupiter, FL
Sponsored since 2020
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Mary’s Giving Fund has partnered with El Sol, Jupiter’s Neighborhood Resource Center to create Mary’s Table: Poised for Success. This program will provide elementary and middle school children from disadvantaged families the opportunity to learn the essentials of etiquette and netiquette (online etiquette and the polite use of devices in social settings), conversational and listening skills, and table manners. The children will have a practice dinner hosted and served by El Sol’s kitchen training students, will receive age-appropriate books that teach kids about manners, and will participate in a workshop with an

etiquette coach. The children will also have a chance to attend a dinner and a cultural event at a local theater, something to which they would not normally have access. Learning basic manners and their importance in the business and social worlds will poise these children for greater opportunities and success all while living graciously, reflecting the beautiful way Mary conducted her life. 

A Growing Garden
The Edna W. Runner Tutorial Center
October 2021, Jupiter, FL
Sponsored since 2020

"A Growing Garden" supports over 100 children and helps them learn the fundamentals of growing food organically. Many of the children come from families which face food insecurity and cannot prioritize fresh fruits and vegetables. The Center is offering Extended Learning Opportunities with guest teachers who help the children plant and harvest various fruits and vegetables, learn about gardening, the environment, sustainable practices,

food preparation and cooking. At harvest time, children are able to take food home for their families and neighbors. Through a curriculum guided by the University of Miami and Florida Atlantic University, the children began planting in January of 2020. Five variations of fruit trees and six variations of vegetable plant now line the beds and garden path.

The Banquet of Salem
Salem Community Foundation
October 2021, Salem, OH
Sponsored since 2020


The Banquet of Salem, where Mary spent her childhood, provides several age-appropriate reading books to underserved grade-school students and a COVID-safe meal to the students and their parents or guardians. Now in its second year of sponsorship, Mary’s Giving Fund is providing the Banquet of Salem with reading books for the month of October 2021. 600 Scholastic Books were distributed at the Banquet of Salem to approximately 180 children and grandchildren in Mary's memory. The Salem Community

Foundation's Youth in Philanthropy students did a wonderful job talking to the parents, grandparents, and kids in their cars in the drive-thru line. The books were carefully selected and tied to the children's age, interests, and reading level. Once again, with the support of Mary's Giving Fund, the Banquet of Salem was a huge success and Salem's school age-children were the true beneficiaries. In 2020, The Banquet fed a warm meal to about 220 parents and children and provided 70 children each with two or three grade-appropriate classic books, was recognized in the local paper, The Salem News, where Mary's story was a front page feature article (see Article in Gallery). 

Service Leader Mentor and
Community Give Back Day

Western Reserve Academy
September 2021, Hudson, OH
Sponsored since 2021

Community Give Back Day, a day filled with fun and learning on the Reserve campus which hopefully provides a positive educational experience for BBBS/CL students that will frame their aspirations and inspire them to work to their fullest potential.

The WRA Service Leaders, a group of 30 passionate students, will launch a mentoring program with 30 students age 9-14 from Big Brothers Big Sisters and City Life, which serve youth in urban communities in the Akron/Cleveland area. They hope to form meaningful relationships to empower the youth, motivate them to look beyond their current circumstances and set high goals for themselves. Each Service Leader will be assigned one student who will be their mentee for the academic year, and hopefully beyond. Interactions will include pen pal letters and zoom calls, and will culminate in 

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